Every fighter invited to the draft will be the first to receive a series of TapStats NFTs minted and auctioned on their behalf. These NFTs are digital collectibles with exclusive artwork, designed to represent the fighter’s career and appreciate in value as they rack up wins.

Sales of TapStats NFTs directly benefit up-and-coming fighters, who receive up to 70% of the auction proceeds. But these NFTs are also game-changing for the fans, who finally now have a way to invest and profit alongside their favorite athletes.

A portion of all NFT sales will benefit the Warrior House Foundation – being created to help keep at-risk youth off the streets and out of gangs - by applying their energies to MMA and boxing.

These NFTs are only the beginning of a new immersive experience for combat sports fans. TapStats will eventually mint the ENTIRE combat sports ecosystem (including fighters, coaches, ring models, referees, etc.), turning fights into tradable digital collections and creating SUPER NFTs that players can “fight” other fans with. Get ready to change the game.

TapStats NFTs are powered by Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM), a cutting-edge new cryptocurrency and blockchain designed for extreme speed, efficiency, and security.

LTNM is insured, asset-backed, and based on the Bitcoin ecosystem – becoming the first truly investment-grade cryptocurrency asset and the token of choice for the Media, Gaming, Teleco, and Cloud Computing industries.

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